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Light Bulb Shaped Items

  • Glass Light Bulb Shaped Jars
Glass Light Bulb Shaped Jars

Glass Light Bulb Shaped Jars

  • Model No.:FB-LBSI01
  • Product description: Glass Light Bulb Shaped Jars

Glass Light Bulb Shaped Jars

What a bright idea!! Light up your next promotion with our lightbulb jars. These non-functioning glass light bulbs look great with a personalized pad print on them. This is one promotion that will really "shine" and put the "spotlight" on your company's messages, service or idea. Note, these jars have a screw top and are not air tight. Jars ordered from us with a candy fill will be sealed with a shrink wrap. Light bulb jars are custom blown glass and will have some imperfections, bubbles, and swirls etc. They are not window glass clear.

Jumbo: 9” H x 4 1/2“ dia. (~28 oz liquid cap.)
Medium: 5-1/2" H x 2 7/8" dia (~9/16" opening & ~8 oz liquid cap.)

Mini: 3" H x 1-7/8" dia (~ 1/2" opening & ~1.75 oz liquid cap.)

Imprint Area:
Jumbo: 2" diameter
Medium: 1 3/4" diameter
Mini: 1" diameter

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